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A Recent Tribute to Morton Herskowitz, D.O.

Embrace Humility*
by Michael J. Gelb**

On the recommendation of a friend whose advice I heeded due to the searing accuracy of her critical feedback, I went to see a psychotherapist. This was a stretch since, having been raised by a therapist, going to therapy as a child, and studying psychology for years both academically and practically, I was skeptical, and probably arrogant, about the prospect of finding someone I’d respect.

The minute I walked into Dr. Mort Herskowitz’s office, my skepticism and arrogance vanished. There was something about his penetrating gaze, purity of attention, and ease within himself that made it clear, as soon as he looked at me, that I couldn’t fool him, and I soon discovered that in his presence I couldn’t fool myself. He wasn’t interested in anything that wasn’t authentic. Mort was an uncompromising mirror of the self.

An osteopathic physician and psychiatrist, Mort trained for nine years with Wilhelm Reich (1897–1957), the legendary pioneer of depth psychology. I had studied Reich’s theory of character armor, the idea that our stresses and traumas stay locked in our muscles and viscera, but believed I had sorted all that out through years of various mind and body practices. Wrong!

Back issues of the Annals of the Institute for Orgonomic Science Volumes 1-10 to be made freely available online

Over the next few months, we plan to make back issues of these ten early issues available as free pdf downloads. These issues contain valuable scientific articles and clinical reports and symposia that we wish to make accessible to as many people as possible. Many thanks to IOS member Stergios Tsiormpatzis for scanning the high-quality pdfs. (Please note – hardcopies of some of these issues can still be ordered for your personal library as long as they remain in print).

We are starting with the first to issues of the Annals, described here:

A Refutation of Political Misuses of Reich’s Work

Dr. Charles Konia, who is a leader in the American College of Orgonomy, has written an article on his personal website called, “Why Trump is Hated By the Left” (1). He writes:

“From a characterological perspective, Trump belongs somewhere on the political right. His armor is primarily in his musculature not in his intellect as in the case of a leftist. He has a strong moral sense of “right” and “wrong” and probably will not be afraid to use his authority defending his convictions when he feels it necessary to do so.